Executive Committee

2013-2015 Executive Committee Members (2 Year Terms)

Chair: Lauren Campbell

Maui Chapter Chair Lauren Campbell is the intelligent, witty and charismatic leader.  A marine biologist turned ocean advocate, Lauren’s passion lies in giving back to Maui’s incredible ocean environment. When not cleaning the beaches or educating the public about ocean issues, she can be found shredding south swell gnar, hunting for seashells and searching for un-crowded left-hand point breaks.



Vice Chair: Tim Lara

Vice Chair Timothy Lara is a sharp-tongued and muscular Adonis who would easily pay his bills with a career as a Hollywood extra if he didn’t successfully run Hawaiian Paddle Sports. He is also a voracious and accomplished Outrigger canoe racer.


Treasurer: Charlie Quesnel

Treasurer Charlie Quesnel is one of the old guard, a North Shore fixture, big-wave charger, and G-land Warrior.  He runs the books as tightly as he threads the tube at Moneytrees.  You will know him by the handlebars on his mustache.



Secretary: Josh Hamlin

Secretary Josh Hamlin is a former professional surfer.  After an extended sojourn in Boulder, Colorado, Josh moved here with his wife, Maui native Whitney Hamlin, and daughter Elouise.

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Volunteer Coordinator/ Webmaster: Andrew O’Riordan

Andrew O’Riordan started the Ivy League Surf Association in his years studying at Princeton University, and the Tigers defeated Harvard in the first event, the Fall Classic in Rhode Island.  This was the pinnacle of his surfing career.  He now teaches a rainbow array of subjects and students at Maui Preparatory Academy, and spends his time savoring Maui’s precious places and working to protect the incomparable beauty of this island.

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Beach Cleanup Coordinator: Robi Campbell

Robi Campbell provides the steady muscle at Surfrider’s monthly beach cleanups.  She loves the NFL, she loves Maui, and she runs her own company, “bChill.”



Board Member at Large: Kyle Juk

Kyle Juk is a Kihei-based surf instructor who has dedicated endless hours to Surfrider over the years.  He is the friendly, smiling, and engaged face you will see at many of our events.




Conservation Chair: Lucienne de Naie

Lucienne de Naie hails from Huelo and emanates the energy of Mother Earth.  Clever, passionate, and patient, Luci spearheads the legal, technical, and policy arms of Surfrider’s work.