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Save Olowalu: Stop Hardening the Shoreline!

09 • 19 • 2016

Save Olowalu: Stop Hardening the Shoreline!

The Maui Chapter joined a coalition of other groups to ask the Hawaii Dept. of Transportation's (DOT) to stop their plans to place huge boulders along the shoreline at Olowalu in a misguided effort to harden the shoreline and protect the highway along West Maui.

Along with other organizations like Malama Olowalu and Maui Tomorrow, Surfrider joined a coaliton of groups to protest the Dept. of Transportation's (DOT) plans to build seawalls along the West Maui shoreline.  The project would have installed large boulders extending 40 feet into to the water and stretching hundreds of feet along the shoreline.  Shoreline armoring projects adversely impact shorelines and coastal habitat, and this plan would have ruined many popular surf spots in the area and caused even more erosion.  Many supporters waved signs and even camped along the highway to protect their favorite beaches.  Thanks to protests from Archie Kalepa, Tiare Lawrence and groups like Malama Olowalu, Maui Tomorrow & Surfrider, the DOT decided to stop the bouldering project.  In the face of climate change and rising sea levels, highways and roads in coastal areas around the state will face increasing threats of inundation.  Instead of building seawalls or hardening the shoreline, which leads to more erosion, state agencies like the DOT need to begin working together to realign the roads farther inland and preserve our beaches as a buffer zone.  Let Oluwalu serve as an example of how the people can take a stand, protect what they love and preserve our beaches!