Maui Chapter

Editing Director: Position Available

Job Title: Editing Director

Communicates and reports directly to the Communications Chair. Understands the importance of teamwork and communication. The purpose of this role is to effectively organize and present digital content to the communications team, who will then distribute to social media channels.

Work Activities

  • Receives content from Historians and Reporters after each event
  • Does all final edits on video and photos received
  • Responsible for having content polished, edited, and ready to post before each communications meeting.
  • Attends monthly communications meeting.
  • Provides monthly content to communications team for public announcements
  • Willing to collect content if Historian and Reporters are not available

Tools and Equipment Used
Will need to provide your own equipment.

  • Computer (for editing and email communication)

Job Context (Environment)
Environment will vary depending on what task is at hand.