Maui Chapter

Facebook page manager

Surfrider Foundation Maui Chapter is seeking a volunteer to be our Facebook page managerSurfrider Foundation Maui Chapter is seeking a volunteer to manage our Facebook page.

There are many ways to help protect our oceans and beaches. While there are the events that are direct activities like Beach Cleanups and Blue Water Task Force, our daily support activities are equally vital to the reach and success of the Surfrider Foundation. And Facebook is obviously an invaluable tool for reaching and broadening our audience.

Position Summary
While having a Facebook page is important to any organization, without proper management its a wasted opportunity. We’re seeking a volunteer to join our team as the manager of our Facebook page so we can maintain a meaningful community and drive our values and mission forward.

Work Activities

  • Daily check in to the Surfrider Foundation Maui Chapter Facebook page
  • Respond to messages and direct inquiries to the appropriate committee chairs
  • Respond to all activities on our posts, including reactions, comments, shares and mentions
  • Share, comment and react to posts from our partners and allied organizations
  • Attends monthly communications meeting.
  • Curating new content is currently NOT a duty of the Facebook page manager

Workload expectations

  • It is a vital part of a successful Facebook strategy that all interactions with the page are responded to within 24 hour, so daily check ins are required
  • Estimated time on page is 10-20 minutes daily dependent on the level of activity into our page
  • For the first few weeks, communicates and reports to the current Facebook page manager
  • If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity but don’t have previous experience with managing a Facebook page, the current page manager will coach you to bring you up to speed and monitor your results, providing feedback to help you improve your work and get the best results
  • The Surfrider Foundation is an organization of volunteer and as such, no financial compensation should be expected

Tools and Equipment Used
Will need to provide your own equipment.

  • Computer (for editing and email communication)
  • Mobile device (for messaging, posting, and editing on mobile platforms)

If you’re like to help protect our oceans and beaches by joining our social media team, please use the form below.