Maui Chapter

Historian: Position Available

Job Title: Historian

Under general supervision of the editing director. The Historian role is essential to collecting content (photo and/or video) and bringing a creative eye to the party.

Work Activities

  • Mingle with community members at events
  • Collect specific media content ( “shot list” provided by editing director)
  • Filter and edit content before uploading to the Surfrider folder
  • Communicates throughout event with editing director
  • Follows intuition and creativity when filming and/or photographing

Tools and Equipment Used
Will need to provide your own equipment.

  • Smartphone and/or Camera

Job Context (Environment)
Environment will vary depending on what task is at hand.

Work Performance (Expectations)

  • Required to attend a maximum of  1 event.
  • 5 hours minimum (attend event, communication, upload content)
  • Is in alignment with Surfriders mission and principles.  
  • Transportation to event location

Volunteer based

Job Specifications

  • Photo editing skills
  • Video editing skills preferred
  • Familiar with the digital process of collecting and uploading content for sharing