Maui Chapter

Pau Hana Booking Director: Position Available

Job Title: Pau Hana Booking Director

Director will work closely with the Ocean Friendly Restaurants (OFR) Chair to book monthly Pau Hana events. Director will book event with venue and relay all details to the Fun Committee.

Work Activities

  • Coordinates and communicates with local Ocean Friendly Restaurants
  • Schedule Pau Hana venue booking
  • Reports directly to OFR Chair
  • Makes phone calls to inquire about possible Pau Hana events at certified OFR’s
  • Communicates event booking details with Fun Committee before confirmation of event
  • Schedule booking for Communications Committee monthly meeting.

Tools and Equipment Used
Will need to provide your own equipment.

  • Smartphone and/or Camera

Job Context (Environment)
Director will work remotely from location of choice.

Work Performance (Expectations)

  • 2 hours (max) of work is expected weekly
  • 1 booking per month
  • Consistent communication with OFR Chair
  • Is in alignment with Surfriders mission and principles.  

Volunteer based

Job Specifications
Ability to communicate via telephone and email.