Maui Chapter

Phun Haver: Position Available

Job Title: Phun Haver

Reports directly to the Phun Director of the event. Attends event(s) to support Surfrider. The purpose of this role is to provide a warm and friendly vibe for attendees  eager to learn more about how to get involved. This person will be a friendly face you can count on.

Work Activities

  • Has access to a list of job titles and descriptions for anyone interested
  • Has access to a list of Committee Chairs to appoint new members down the right path.
  • Smiling and Laughing
  • Fun and Friendly conversation
  • Walks around event looking for the most fun

Tools and Equipment Used
Any tools or equipment will be provided.

Job Context (Environment)
Environment will vary for each event.

Work Performance (Expectations)

  • Is in alignment with Surfriders mission and principles.  
  • Transportation to event location
  • 2 hours maximum
  • Required to attend maximum of 1 event
  • Have Phun


Job Specifications

  • Ability to find the positive in any situation
  • Comfortable in crowds
  • Confident in one’s ability to have fun
  • Practiced in smiling
  • Gives nice hugs