Maui Chapter

Reporter: Position Availalble

Job Title: Reporter

Under general supervision of the editing director. The purpose of the Reporter is to provide insight on the event being covered through different channels of media (written and/or spoken).

Work Activities

  • Interviews people at events and provides valuable feedback
  • Records and documents throughout event
  • Attend an event and works closely with Historian to gather content
  • Record a Livestream of the event (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Provides a one page summary of  event highlights and memorable moments
  • Mingle with guests and community members

Tools and Equipment Used
Will need to provide own equipment. Reporter will be able to choose how documentation is gathered. Some suggestions are as follows:

  • Smartphone (documentation and team communication)
  • Paper and Pen

Job Context (Environment)
Environment and location will vary depending on the event location.

Work Performance (Expectations)

  • Required to attend a maximum of  1 event.
  • 5 hours minimum (attend event, communication, upload content)
  • Is in alignment with Surfriders mission and principles.  
  • Transportation to event location


Job Specifications

  • Approachable and friendly
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge of digital media
  • Skillful in providing a creative and enjoyable article for the Surfrider monthly newsletter.