A much needed cleanup of Mo’omomi beach

On August 17, Surfrider Foundation Maui Chapter joined Sustainable Coastlines for a beach cleanup on Moloka’i. Since Moloka’i is part of Maui County, of course we were going to join! Two of our Executive Committee members went along and gave us this report:

Eight members from the Maui Chapter joined Sustainable Coastlines for the (much needed) annual Mo’omomi Beach cleanup on the Molokai’s north coast. Over 100 ocean loving folks joined to pick up a few tons of plastic, from micro plastics to big plastic barrels. It was an eye-opening experience for all, especially the younger students that joined in, to see the amount of trash, mainly plastic, that washes up on that coast line.

Photos courtesy of Magen Schifiliti from Trilogy Excursions

Member at large Jenny Roberts:

When riding in the back of a pick-up truck, winding through dirt roads and traveling behind closed gates to secluded beaches, you expect to see a clean and pristine landscape. Unfortunately, like many coastlines throughout our islands, this was not the case when arriving at Mo’omomi Beach. Large pieces of plastic debris covered the entire stretch beach, almost as if someone came by boat and dumped it there. This is not an uncommon scene here in Hawaii, one Surfrider Foundation and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii have seen all too often, but with the help of over 100 dedicated and passionate volunteers, a visible difference was able to be made. It takes a special group to bring people together from all over the Hawaiian Islands, and we couldn’t thank Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii enough for providing us with the opportunity to get involved and allow us to help the best way we know how here at Surfrider Foundation. 

Join us at our next cleanup

On Sept 21 we’ll be at Mala Boat Ramp as part of International Coastal Cleanup Day. You can find time and location information on our Beach Cleanup Page. See you there!