The Trilogy crew will hold their 3rd of 12 clean-ups
for 2013 on Sunday, March 3rd at Lahaina Harbor. Join the group,
along with our Surfrider Maui Chapter members,
as we help to clean up another of our beautiful
surf/reef/beach areas in taking care of the ‘aina.

Many of you are well aware, Ma’alaea harbor was hit relatively hard by the tsunami – mostly by items that were pulled out to sea. Entire dock boxes full of supplies, metal ramps, scuba tanks and lots of other miscellaneous items were sucked over the break wall. Many companies have looked around in the harbor trying to recover some items, but the force of the surging waves actually drew the debris out into the reefs and ocean beyond. Come be part of the solution! Your $20 cash donation goes to the Surfrider Foundation and Surfrider Foundation – Japan Chapter.  Please make reservations directly with Trilogy at 661-4743 x 3. See you there!
For further information on this project,
call Cynthia M. @ (808) 357-0453 or email her at

 Surfrider Foundation, Maui Chapter is working to bring life to its mission of
preserving beach access, near shore water quality, recreational and cultural
sites through CARE:
Conservation, Activism, Research and Education.

 The Maui Chapter grows stronger and more effective through its membership, and yours will make the difference for Maui students learning about coastal management and issues affecting the near-shore water quality. Your membership will determine if the US Army Corps of Engineers will succeed in constructing its 1968 plan that destroys 4.8 acres of coral and disrupts critical habitat of endangered whales and turtles. The plan paves a beach and extends the breakwall 620’ – the length of two football fields.