Smoking and Tobacco Use Are Prohibited at Maui County Beaches and Parks




Smoking/tobacco use are prohibited at all Maui County:


  • beaches 

  • parks

  • tennis courts

  • playgrounds

  • swimming pools

  • athletic fields

  • beach right-of-ways

  • park roadways

  • recreation areas


The ban applies to all areas of parks and beaches, including parking areas and park roadways.  Fines start at $100 for first time violations and increase up to $500 for subsequent violations.


Tobacco-Free Beaches FAQ


An estimated 4.5 trillion butts are littered around the world every year.  They are the number one item littered on beaches, and pose a threat to marine wildlife, ocean users and beach-goers.  To mitigate the environmental and public health impact of cigarette butt litter, Maui County has adopted a tobacco-free policy that applies to County beaches and parks.