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By joining the Surfrider Foundation, you can help ensure a better future for our irreplaceable coastline. Your membership helps Surfrider Foundation continue to be act as an advocate for our oceans, waves and beaches. Become a Surfrider Foundation member today!

All Surfrider Foundation members receive the following benefits:

  • 1 year’s worth (12 issues) of Surfrider’s award-winning publication, Making Waves
  • 20% discount at
  • 2 Surfrider Membership Stickers
  • Surfrider Chapter contact and volunteer information
  • For signups $100 and above, you receive a special Surfrider T-shirt

There are several ways to become a member:

* Visit the national website.
* Call 1-800-743-SURF.
* Purchase a membership from your local chapter.

Individual Memberships:

Regular $25
Family $50
Friend $100
Lifetime $5000

All memberships (except lifetime) are annual.

The money raised by the Maui Chapter will go towards local programs such as beach cleanups, water quality testing, education, outreach, advocacy and other chapter needs.

The Surfrider Foundation has an estimated 250,000 members, supporters and activists. Growing our membership base provides Surfrider Foundation with the opportunity to educate individuals and communities about their role as stewards for our coastal and marine environments. Growing our grassroots structure is critical to our mission and our annual membership drive is a perfect opportunity to reach new members and educate people about the important work of the Surfrider Foundation.

Become a Surfrider Foundation member today!