2019-2020 Executive Committee Members

In November 2018 Surfrider Maui reconstituted its Board of Trustees for the next 24 months.  Thank you and congratulations to all volunteers who have joined the Board to protect Maui’s ocean, waves, and beaches. And thank you to our entire volunteer team for dedicating time, talent, and passion to Surfrider Maui’s Goals.

Chair & Blue Water Task Force Coordinator: Mike Ottman

Mike’s day is complete only after family, friends, business and ocean are loved, our community has been enhanced, and a few good top-turns or barrel have been had.

Vice Chair & Beach Cleanup Committee Chair Mike Luque

Decades ago, Mike Luque decided one of his life goals was to live somewhere he could wear shorts every day. One trip to Maui and he knew he found home. He understands that when you get the positive circumstances to live on Maui, you’ve got to give back to the mokupuni. Since being near the ocean is a necessity of his life, doing beach cleanups is the most natural way to give back. Mike’s activities on the water include SUP, snorkeling (especially the Dumps and Ulua beach) and outrigger canoeing and he pinky swears 2019 will be when we gets up on a surfboard.

Treasurer :  Charlie Quesnel

Treasurer Charlie Quesnel is one of the old guard, a North Shore fixture, big-wave charger, and G-land Warrior. He runs the books as tightly as he threads the tube at Moneytrees. You will know him by the handlebars on his mustache.

Secretary :  Christopher Robinson

Christopher is an environmentalist who grew up playing in tidepools, on beaches and in the surf. Being close to the ocean and nature has always made Christopher feel at peace and full of a limitless potential.

Attracting enthusiastic, positive, and helpful people in our celebration of the ocean and nature is Christopher’s passion. It takes teamwork to make the dream work. Being part of an international organization that is proactively working to improve our oceans has given Christopher hope that he can make the world a better place.

Professionally, Christopher a Sales Engineer who specializes in systems integration, business development partnerships, and workflow processes.

For fun he throws underground beach cleanup parties with exclusive virtual DJ sets: www.mauibeachcleanup.com

Volunteer Coordinator :  Andrew O’Riordan

Andrew O’Riordan is a teacher, coach, husband, father, environmentalist, writer, surfer and resident of Napili.  He has served as a member of the Oahu Chapter (2004-2006, North Shore) and Big Island Chapter (2008-2010, Kohala).  He has served the Maui Chapter as Volunteer Coordinator (2012-14), and as Chair of the Board (2014-2018).

He currently works as Digital Media Teacher, Surf Coach, and Admissions Director at Maui Preparatory Academy, a school in Napili.  Andrew spends his free time savoring Maui’s precious ocean sanctuary, especially in northwest Maui, and working to protect the incomparable beauty of this magnificent island.

Board Member at Large & Ocean Friendly Restaurant Coordinator: Lorin Ifkovic

Lorin joined Surfrider Maui Chapter in 2017 to focus on the Ocean Friendly Restaurants program. She enjoys living a healthy lifestyle from the mountains to the sea.

Board Member at Large & Fun Committee Coordinator: Natalie Gondor 

Natalie Gonder is a fascinating human being that grew up on the west side of Maui and on the Big Island. She moved away to Washington for a extended period of time where she worked as an assistant store manager in retail for many years. Natalie attended Washington State University to study Personnel Psychology and Human Resources. With a successful corporate career under her belt, she decided it was time to spread her wings and fly black to Maui in August 2017. Since her return, Natalie has been a core volunteer for the Surfrider Foundation and is now a valued board member who is also chair of the “fun committee” which supports and hosts different events within the foundation.

Natalie spends her time making funny and inspirational YouTube videos, spreading love and joy to those around her, and shaking the status quo of what “success” really means. She lives a passionate life and inspires others to do the same no matter how weird or crazy it might look.

Picture to follow…

Social Media Coordinator: Sydney Schwartzer
Sponsorship Coordinator: Tim Lara
Ocean Guardian Awards Coordinator: Rebecca Pang
Website & Newsletter Coordinator: Christine Roberson
Hawaiian Islands Coordinator: Stuart Coleman