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4th Annual Ocean Guardian Awards Recap

Mahalo to everyone who attended the 4th Annual Ocean Guardian Awards Gala.  We had a great night, thanks to all of our supporters who helped make this a successful fundraiser. 

You have enabled us to continue our objectives through 2020 to protect Maui's ocean, beaches, and waves.  We are able to continue our beach clean ups, and are ready to keep fighting for legislation to protect our environment. 

Congratulations again to our 2019 Ocean Guardian Awards Lucienne de Naie (Community Member), Campbell Farrell (Ocean Athlete), and Skyline Hawaii (Business). 

This event was organized and run entirely by volunteers, including our planning committee: Rebecca Pang, Christine Roberson, and Tim Lara; and our Silent Auction committee: Christine Roberson, Jenny Roberts, Marina Scott, Christopher Robinson, Caitlin Matteson da Silva and Te’sha Makamae Kaikamahine Martines-Melim.  Thank you to all of our volunteers!

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