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Maui Wildfire Response

PC: Maureen Brock, Surfrider Maui Chapter Chair

On August 8, wildfires ripped across three different areas of Maui.

The most destructive fire was the one in Lāhainā that destroyed thousands of homes, businesses, and cultural sites. To date, 99 individuals perished. The wildfire in Kula also destroyed homes and displaced residents. As the Surfrider Foundation Maui Chapter, we continue to support its community through a variety of direct relief efforts. We are also focusing on how we best respond to current and emerging environmental concerns, support the West Maui surfing and ocean recreation community, and ensure that rebuilding efforts are community driven and reflect sustainable design principles. 

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Support Maui Wildfire Fire Response

The Maui community and our Surfrider Chapter has a long road ahead. We are working to expand our water quality testing, ensuring public transparency as it relates to environmental threats and cleanup, and supporting our West Maui surfing and ocean recreation community. Our programs and priorities will continue to be refined as we have a better understanding of the emerging environmental threats and needs. Your support is a critical part of enabling us to carry out this important work.


Maui Post-Fires Coastal Water Quality Monitoring Program

During the August 8 fire in Lāhainā, toxins and pollutants were immediately leaked from sunken boats and released into the air via smoke. Unfortunately, the ash that continues to cover the burnt area of Lāhainā Town is contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins that are dangerous for humans to breathe or be exposed to. The Maui Chapter is undertaking additional water quality monitoring to better understand the impacts of these toxins in the nearshore, ocean area. 



A First-Hand Account of Maui Wildfire Relief

Immediately following the devastating Maui wildfires, the Surfrider Maui Chapter joined the community in taking action and supporting relief efforts.

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