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Get Involved by Volunteering

Our ocean, waves and beaches belong to all of us and it is our job to protect them.

The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. We are a grassroots, bottom-up organization; our volunteers fuel Surfrider Foundation with their passion, time, and energy.

We all have different reasons for volunteering our time to Surfrider Foundation, but the overall theme remains: Kuleana. 

Kuleana is the Hawaiian concept of taking care of that which cares and provides for us.  We all love our oceans and beaches through our favorite sports like surfing, paddling, and diving. And we love even the simple act of finding mental nourishment through a fun day at the beach, having a relaxing swim or snorkel, or playing in the waves.  At Surfrider, it's important to us to take responsibility to care for and give back to the ocean that provides so much to us.

Volunteering at Surfrider is fun and provides an outlet for positive action and change, together we can make a difference.  Do you want to join our ʻOhana to help make an impact towards reducing plastic pollution in the ocean? Or are you passionate about testing water quality so we can know when it's safe to swim and fight to do something to fix it when it's not? Do you want to help restaurants make a huge impact by joining our Ocean Friendly Restaurants program to eliminate plastic waste?  Whatever your passion, we have room for you to help.  

Email our volunteer coordinator Natalie at to get involved.