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Save Molokini

At the end of June there was a flurry of activity when environmentalists found out about plans by the state to blow up two unexploded WWII era ordnance around Molokini Marine Life Conservation District. 

The Department of Land and Natural Resources and the Department of Health have put any immediate plans to blow up the ordnance on hold for now, as they consider other remediation options.  

In 1975 and 1984, the Navy detonated unexploded munitions found within the crater, resulting in the destruction of large areas of coral and public outcry over the devastation to the reef.  With the technology of 2020, we feel detonation in place is an unacceptable answer. We support a method of remediation that avoids damaging the fragile ecosystem of Molokini.

Please let DOH know you want them to do the right thing, no detonations in Molokini! 

Sign the petition here!

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Is it true that the Navy is planning to detonate old ordnance in the Molokini Marine Life Conservation District in July 2020? The record shows how devastating this was after detonations at Molokini in the 1970s and 1980s.

Representative Tina Wildberger Press Release