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Maui Foam Ban

05 • 18 • 2017

Maui Foam Ban

Surfrider's Hawaii Chapters have been working with a coalition of groups from around the state to ban polystyrene foam food containers on Maui.

Maui County led the movement to ban plastic bags in Hawaii, and they just became the first in the state to ban polystyrene food containers.  The Maui Chapter joined the movement years ago, but some Council Members suggestd that they be part of a task force to study the issue.  But years of deliberation and many studies only confirmed the fact that polystyrene is one of the most littered (top 10 items) and least recycled forms of plastic (less than 1%).  With the rising popularity of the Ocean Friendly Restaurants program, chefs, restaurant owners and engaged customers also sent in testimony and helped convince the County Council members that it was time to get rid of polystyrene food containers.   The Maui Chapter has been working with many other groups to pass this foam ban on Maui and another bill on the Big Island.  We hope that Hawaii will eventually become the first state in the nation to ban polystyrene food containers!